Screen Cleaning

Cleaning your window screens seems like an easy enough task, and it is, but here are some tips to make it quick and efficient. You will get much better results from washing the screen versus just brushing it down.

Fill your bucket with warm soapy water.

Gently spray the screen with the hose and soap it up with a wet sponge. Then dip the sponge in the solution which suds up the screens really well.

Place a rag on the ground and gently tap the window screen on the rag to get the excess dirt and suds off.

Rinse the screens, gently tap them again on the rag to get the excess water out and then place them back on the windows once they are dry.

Tradewind Window Cleaning prides itself on exceptional customer service. We always wash screens and dry them (instead on just brushing or wiping them down). Contact us today for a free estimate! (949) 373-6446