Window Cleaning Tips

Although we strongly recommend that you contact a professional window cleaner at regular intervals throughout the year, homeowners can keep their homes’ windows looking just as good as they did when we completed our job. This requires no more than a little elbow grease as well as a little knowledge.

In between professional cleanings homeowners can keep their window looking great by doing the following:

  • Clean windows on a regular basis such as once a day, once a week, or even once every couple of weeks. Frequent light cleanings will stave off some of the more detrimental effects that nature and time can take on windows.
  • When a homeowner cleans his/her own windows they should take great care in choosing a cleaning solution that’s right for their homes windows. Of course you can always contact a professional to find out which solutions will and won’t work for windows but homeowners need to be wary because some chemicals can scratch and streak their windows.
  • Utilizing a good squeegee as well as a good spray bottle can save a homeowner a lot of hassle. Having a nice soft terry cloth at your side is also advantageous as you’ll have all the tools you need right at your disposal.
  • Although it may be intimidating it’s always a good idea for homeowners to read up a bit about the different types of glass that are used in home windows. Having only rudimentary knowledge in this subject will help homeowners avoid scratching their windows, leaving streaks, and from having to do the same job more than once.

Of course many homeowners prefer just leave window cleaning to the professionals each and every time. If you are this type of homeowner or if you need some assistance before cleaning your own windows please be sure to contact us so that we may be of assistance.

Cleaning Window Tracks

If you’ve never tackled cleaning window tracks there are a few tricks the professionals use that we’ll share with you. It’s really not brain surgery, but most people wipe the area when they wash their windows. Over the years, the grime and dirt build up and those simple wipes don’t work anymore.

When the professional come in to clean the tracks they carry a few tools that will help to make the job easier. A minivac or vacuum cleaner with an attached hose will work just fine; an old toothbrush, and don’t use your husband’s; a toothbrush shaped wire brush will work well too; a thin putty knife; clean rags, thin ones work best, and you won’t want to use them in the bathroom again; dish soap, along with some detergent that will soak off the dirt; and finally an old towel.

If you haven’t thoroughly cleaned the window tracks in your home, get ready because it’s going to take a bit of scrubbing. First of all you’ll need to remove the window (if your windows slide open otherwise just open them wide). The sliding window can be open as far as possible, then you should be able to lift it up and out, and place it on that old towel that you placed by the wall. You don’t want the window to slip and fall, or get the carpet dirty, and it will if you aren’t careful.

Then take the vacuum cleaner hose and pick up the loose dirt. We failed to tell you that you’ll need a bucket with some hot or warm water and the soap, and you may want to place a towel under the bucket. Take the toothbrush or wire brush and try to get rid of as much of the grime as you can. In some instances if you take a SOS pad it will remove a great deal of the stuff you’re trying to get rid of. Scrub if necessary.

When the track is as clean as you can get it, go to the window and before you put it back on the track clean it too. Otherwise you’ve just wasted your time. It’s a good time to clean the window.

If you don’t want to go through all that, call a professional, they’ll do the job, and they aren’t really cheap. Some charge $5.00 per track and that can add up. After the tracks are clean, keep them clean and each time they’ll be easier to clean.

Extending the Life of Your Clean Windows

Whether you recently cleaned your windows yourself, or hired a professional to do your Orange County window cleaning, we know you want that cleaning to last as long as possible! Here is a great tip to extend the life of your clean windows!

We offer a service to coat the glass with a protectant like Rain-X after the windows are washed. This product repels water so if you have sprinklers which hit your glass or if it rains after a cleaning, the glass will stay clean longer.

If you do have sprinklers which regularly hit your windows, this is a particularly valuable product for you in order to avoid hard water stains on your glass which can be difficult and costly to remove.

Tradewind Window Cleaning specializes in Orange County window cleaning, pressure washing, water stain removal, screen repair, rain gutter maintenance and more… please contact us today to see how we can help you care for your home.

Screen Cleaning

Cleaning your window screens seems like an easy enough task, and it is, but here are some tips to make it quick and efficient. You will get much better results from washing the screen versus just brushing it down.

Fill your bucket with warm soapy water.

Gently spray the screen with the hose and soap it up with a wet sponge. Then dip the sponge in the solution which suds up the screens really well.

Place a rag on the ground and gently tap the window screen on the rag to get the excess dirt and suds off.

Rinse the screens, gently tap them again on the rag to get the excess water out and then place them back on the windows once they are dry.

Tradewind Window Cleaning prides itself on exceptional customer service. We always wash screens and dry them (instead on just brushing or wiping them down). Contact us today for a free estimate! (949) 373-6446

Pressure Washing Tips: Choosing the Best Equipment for the Job

One of the best and most effective ways to do some serious cleaning is by pressure washing. Before you get started with your new pressure washer, read on for a few basics of pressure washing that can really help.

It’s not unusual for aspiring power washers to find themselves in a dilemma over which pressure washing equipment to buy. And with such a variety to choose from, from small portable electric pressure washers to super powerful gasoline engine powered high pressure washing gear, choosing which unit to buy can understandably be a difficult decision!

Do-it-yourselfers planning on doing only occasional pressure washing around the house usually choose smaller, electric models for the ease of use and lower initial cost of getting started. However, frequent users of the equipment and those that will be using the pressure washing gear for commercial purposes find that they need the extra power that only gas pressure washers provide. The gas-powered gear is more expensive, but is also more durable in the long run.

One rule of thumb when choosing the right level of equipment is to step up one model from the pressure washer that would otherwise seem ideal for the job. This strategy affords a little bit of insurance that the pressure washer will be able to handle any bigger jobs that might come up in the future, while keeping the actually price down to a reasonable minimum at the same time.
Choose a pressure washer that features plenty of accessorizing options such as power brushes, different spray pattern wands, and inline solution or soap injectors which are an integral part of any pressure washer’s arsenal. Try to pick a model that allows for expansion.

One more thing, don’t get carried away with the pressure! You’ll quickly figure out that using a little pressure can really go quite a long way. Until completely familiar with the sheer power of water and air that your new pressure washer pumps out, keep it set low. Ramp it up only once you know what it’s capable of doing.

Pressure washing is a fantastic way to handle even the toughest heavy duty cleaning tasks. Hopefully understanding the basics before beginning will help you get started as smoothly as possible!

Tradewind Window Cleaning specializes in Orange County window cleaning, pressure washing and glass restoration. Contact us to see how we can help you with your cleaning needs. (949) 373-6446.