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Tradewind window Cleaning

Owners Darren and Kristina Krich

For over ten years, Owners Darren and Kristina Krich built a solid reputation as one of Honolulu’s most trusted window cleaning companies.

Both grew up in California and met while working for a local window cleaning company in 1997. They eventually decided to move to Hawaii in 2000 after marrying to start a new chapter together.
While others seek to profit by cutting corners, using bait and switch sales tactics, or recommending unnecessary services to customers, the Krichs believe that a good reputation and consistent service will benefit them more in the long run.
By being trustworthy, reliable and providing the highest level of customer service, the Krichs believe that they will enjoy a long term profitable business that serves the community.

Owner Interview

“This is the season for everything to sparkle
Sparkling outdoor Christmas lights displayed all over the neighborhoods. Sparkling chandeliers gracing the dining room for the holiday feast. Sparkling Champagne to drink and toast in celebration of a successful shopping day. Sparkling eyes shining from little Sally’s face as she stares out through the window panes in search for Santa and his reindeer. And finally sparkling smiles when Christmas arrives and every kid and grownups alike, open their presents under the sparkling Christmas tree lights.
Oh, yes, the holiday brings guest, friends and family cascading into the home, some setting up temporary status in the guest bedroom, others stopping by just for the holiday party. With all the rush and challenge of organizing anything in the month of December and needing every hand on deck to prepare for Santa’s visit, it’s best to leave a lot of the hard to get to details such as window washing and exterior Christmas lights to someone other than the recruited husband or elder child……..”

Tradewind Services

Most Trusted Processes

Residential Windows

Without the proper knowledge, techniques and equipment, not only are streaks and smears are hard to avoid, but when ladder work is called for, safety also plays a part. We have the knowledge and patience to get the job done right and leave your windows sparkling clean, inside and out.
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Commercial Windows

Tradewind Window Cleaning of Orange County maintains all the proper insurances required for commercial window washing.

A copy of our general liability insurance and references are always made available upon request.
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Hard Water Stain Removal

If this sounds familiar, we can help! We perform a free test to see if your windows are treatable. Removing water spots requires more time and a different technique than traditional cleaning methods, especially when the problem has been compounded by long durations of time.

Troublesome window locations are those close to sprinklers or prone to excessive misting shortly followed by a quick drying sun.
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Post Construction Window Cleaning

Construction residue such as stucco drippings, mud and dust, caulk, paint, stickers, grease, along with many other types of debris and water spots which have been baked on by the sun are all often found covering windows, frames and tracks before ever getting cleaned for the first time.
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Pressure Washing

Tradewind Window Cleaning of Orange County offers low and high pressure cleaning for all types of surfaces.

Typical services include building and house siding, driveways, walkways, brick, concrete, stucco and stone cleaning, deck, patio and fence cleaning, and low pressure roof washing.
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Rain Gutter Cleaning

Another task best left to an expert is the clearing of debris from clogged rain gutters.

In order to properly clear rain gutters, it is sometimes necessary to access the gutters from ladders or the roof of the home, which can be dangerous without the proper safety equipment.
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